To start with, the best way is sending images of the material you wish to sell to our e-address . It will probably allow us to give you a first approximate estimation of the value in the market; if such estimation is not possible – depending on the nature and characteristics of the matter – we will ask you to ship it for a physical examen.
If the material is suitable for auction, you can ship it via postal service or any courier agency. Any way you choose, they should provide - and you must keep – a receipt.
It is unnecessary. Our insurance covers any consignment sent to our address, with the only requirement that we have been warned of the sending and that the sender keeps a receipt of the courier or the postal service.
As soon as we receive your material, we will give you a first estimation, free of charges and with no commitment on your side. If you agree with it, we will start the work.
If you decide to recover your coins once we have sent you the list of the itemized, catalogued and evaluated pieces, some fees may be charged, especially if the pertinent photographs have been taken.
The agreed commission will be deducted from the total amount (the hammer price). The payment will be fulfilled in a maximum term of 45 days after the auction.
Once we have done our work with your lots, you will receive a list with the description of the lots and the proposed starting price of each one. In case that there would be any mistake, or you would find some point you disagree, please let us know immediately, so we can fix it before the catalog goes to press.
When the catalog will be published, we will send you another listing with the equivalences between the number of your coins and the number of the corresponding lot in the catalogue.
The day after the auction, you will receive a detailed info about the result of the sale. That result is provisional, since unsold items will remain available for two weeks, and on the other hand some lot can still be returned. After that period, you will receive the final settlement.