Before the auction

You can participate in the auction in the following ways

  • Mail. Please download the bidding sheet from this same website, or cut off the page in the printed catalog
  • E-mail
  • Telephone
  • Fax
  • Depositing the bidding sheet in our premises
  • Through our website, entering AUCTIONS / CURRENT AUCTIONS. (Previous registration needed)
  • By means of several platforms where you can find us.
During the auction

Depending on the type of auction, you may as well participate:

Online Auctions

  • Bidding online in real time. Previous registration is needed. New customers must ask for it before the auction, and obtain de approval of Áureo & Calicó.

On the floor auction

  • Bidding online, as for Online Auctions
  • Bidding by telephone. Previous request needed.
  • Attending the auction