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Privacy Police

Information updated: February 16th 2012.

You might visit the entire Website without giving us any personal information.  Information is only require when you want to sign in  to  provide the services you apply for.  This Privacy Police explains the collecting and use of this information in these situations.

Collecting the personal information

If we need any kind of information to identify you (personal information) or information to contact you, we will ask for it.  We only receive the information which you choose to send us, which is required by our Website (the information being: name, address,  phone number,  e-mail address, credit card information ...)

That  means,  besides  the  information  you  personally  give  us,  we  collect  no  information about the hardware or software of your computer, nor other information you may have stored in your computer.

For statistics purposes, the only information we are able to take is about the IP address, the explorer type, the number  of  hours you are connected  to our Web and the address of the Website of origin. This information is only used to give a good service, and for statistics purposes of the use of   also  collects  information  about  the  sites  our  clients  visit  in   These  visits are  identify  by  an  exclusive   identification  number  and  are  never  related  to  personal information of the user.

Use of the personal information

The personal information is used for the following purposes:

  • To provide the services you have requested.
  • In helping us to create or to publish contents you may find of interest.
  • To notify you  about  the  updating  of products, special offers, updating of information and other new Áureo & Calicó, S.L. services if you so require.
  • To give you access to limited areas of our site as we see fit.

All the information you give us is of the exclusive use of Áureo & Calicó, S.L. Sometimes we hire other companies to supply  limited services for us,  such as,  packing, shipment and delivery of the purchases, distribution of our printed catalogues and shipment by mail. We only give these companies the information they need to offer these services and they are forbidden to use this information for any other purpose.

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. may reveal your personal information if the law so requires or on those occasions we seem it necessary, such as: (a) to abide by the law or any legal proceedings related to Áureo & Calicó, S.L. or its site;  (b) to protect and defend the rights of property of Áureo & Calicó, S.L. and its Website; or (c) to protect the  personal  security  of Áureo & Calicó, S.L. staff;  to protect the users of our services or to protect members of the public.

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. submits to the protection of information established by the EEC about the collecting, use and retention of data.

Control of the personal information

When  giving  us  your  personal  information,  Áureo & Calicó, S.L. does not share this information with third parties without your permission, except on the occasions listed above.

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. may  send  you  e-mails  as confirmation of some information or service you have requested. You cannot cancel these  messages as they are an important part of the service chosen.

Access to the personal information

We will give you the means to check that your personal information is correct and updated.

To  accomplish  it  you may get in touch with us to verify your data is correct or to cancel your personal information from our files.

Security of the personal information

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. will  protect  the  security  of  your  personal  information.  We use security technologies and security proceedings  to  protect  your  personal  information  from  access,  use  or publication  without previous authorization.

Use of cookies

When  someone  visits  our  Website,  a  small  cookie  file is placed in the client's computer (if the client accepts cookies)  or the cookie is read if the client has already  visited our Website.  The use of cookies by  is to store an  identification  number to be able to show  you the  bids you  have  already introduced but have not yet been sent. During the normal visiting to our sites no cookie file is placed.

Cookies do not store any other information than the one already mentioned.

If  you  decide not to accept cookies from Website, you will be able to visit our Web, but you will not be able to send your offers through it.

Changes to this policy

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. will  occasionally  update  this  privacy policy. When we update the information the new date of "last updating", on top of the policy, will also be changed. If any important changes are made to this policy, Áureo & Calicó, S.A. will place a warning in the Website.

Contact Information

Áureo & Calicó, S.L. appreciates any comments about this privacy policy. You may get in touch with us by mail or e-mail.

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