How to bid


Conditions ON-LINE service


How to bid

This Web site helps you to see our lots and to send a bid for lots you are interested in directly by Internet, as an additional way to the traditional ways we had until now (in the room, by mail, by fax or by phone).

On the  page [Auctions] you can  find our present and  future  auctions  with  all  lots  described,  the starting price (which is the minimum price). Most of them can be seen.

In order to bid for a lot, you must Register and/or login in the web site. Then you must enter an amount into the box on right and press Bid. You must repeat this procedure for each lot you wish to bid for. At any time you can see the list of lots you have bid for by pressing Current Order. When you finish bidding, press Send Order, Continue and Send Order again. The system will automatically send us an e-mail with the list of lots you have bid for.

If you wish you can download our auction catalogue in PDF format.

If you wish you can come to our offices to view the lots personally (timetable  for  viewing  can be found in each catalogue).

You  can  bid  until one hour before  the  auction  (unless  you  are  attending  and  bidding  in the room). We suggest that you do  not wait  until  the  last  minute  to  send  your bids. Sometimes e-mails are not as quick or as save and Áureo cannot accept late bids.

Also,  the  bids  received  in  our  offices  are recorded in the order that they arrive. In the case of a tie bid, priority will be given to the first bid received.

The  last  price  will  always  be  the  LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE  and  not  necessarily  the  maximum offer received.  For instance: if a lot has a starting price of 60 €uros and we have an offer for 60 €uros,  another for 70 €uros and a third one for 100 €uros,  the lot will be sold to the third bidder at 80 €uros,  that is,  one bid on top of the last one.

The  total adjudication  price  includes  18% extra  in  concept  of  accessory  expenses,  plus shipping and/or insurance. The delivery of the articles adjudicated will  be invoiced, whatsoever the circumstances or place of   residence   of  the  purcharser,  INCLUDING  VAT  in compliance  with the  Specific Regime for used goods, works of art, antiques and collector's items.

24 hours after  the  auction you can consult the list of the [Prices realized] and you will be able to buy the unsold  lots  at  the  starting  price  plus  commission  (according to the conditions mentioned on the above paragraph).


Conditions of Sale

1. The starting  price  is  the  lowest price at which a lot can be sold.  This price has to be understood as a reserve price, and it will not be decreased.

2. The sale price will be increased with an additional auction fee of 18%, VAT included (eighteen per cent). The buyer will also be responsible for the export fee to territories other than the European Union in case the current legation requires it. The administration expenses of the export and customs tax will be paid by AUREO CALICO. Any insurance and shipping charges will always be paid by the buyer who will assume the risks of shipping.

3. If you are unable to attend the Auction  personally,  please send your bids as soon as possible.  The last price will always be the LOWEST POSSIBLE PRICE and not necessarily  the  maximum  offer received.  For instance: if a lot has a starting price of 60 €uros and we have an offer for 60 €uros, another for 70 €uros and a third one for 100 €uros, the lot will be sold to the third bidder at 80 €uros, that is, one bid on top of the last one.

4. Bids must be made in €UROS.

Bidding scale:
From 1 to 100 €uros 5 €uros
From 100 to 200 €uros 10 €uros
From 200 to 500 €uros 20 €uros
From 500 to 1.000 €uros 50 €uros
From 1.001 to 2.000 €uros 100 €uros
From 2.001 €uros onwards, minimum increase 5%

5. Payment  for  mail  bidders  is due upon  receipt  of  the invoice.  When we receive the payment,  we will despatch the material by mail at the buyer's expense and risk, unless we have been instructed otherwise.

6. ÁUREO & CALICÓ has absolute  discretion  to divide any lot,  to combine any two or more lots,  or to withdraw any lots from the sale without giving any reason.

7. The Auctioneer will regulate the bidding. In the event of a dispute, his decision is final.

8. AUTHENTICITY.  All the lots sold by ÁUREO are guaranteed to be genuine, unless otherwise indicated.

9. The most well known catalogues have been used to classify the coins. The condition of the coins are indicated by abbreviations as shown here included, taking into account the period of time the coins were struck, their value and metal composition.




Almost very fine




Fine plus


Almost uncirculated




Extremely fine plus


Fine minous


Extremely fine


Very much circulated


Almost extremely fine


Bad condition


Very fine plus




Very fine


Numbers or  letters  which  appear in brackets mean than it is difficult or impossible to read. If the condition of the coin is in brackets, this refers to the circumstances and characteristics of the minting

10. The price indicated within the descriptions as "estimated" is based on the appearance, condition and rarity of the item described.

11. The  lots  will  be  auctioned  in  their present condition. Buyers can return any lot which does not meet their approval within a maximum of three days upon receiving the lots; the reason for non-acceptance must be given. Return of lots will not be accepted after the above-mentioned period of time.

12. WE SUGGEST  to  examine  the  large  lots  (Lotes de conjunto)  before  sending  your bids to have full knowledge  of  the  condition  and  content. THE RETURN OF LARGE LOTS (LOTES DE CONJUNTO) IS NOT ACCEPTED.

13. PAYMENTS must be made in Euros. You can make your €uro transfer to Áureo & Calicó at any of the following bank accounts:  

Via Laietana, 27

0030-2011-24-0000842271 (Spain)
IBAN: ES06-0030-2011-24-0000842271
BIC-SWIFT: ESPC ESMM XXX (Foreign Countries)

Via Laietana, 47

0081-0057-37-0001568162 (Spain)
IBAN: ES31-0081-0057-3700-0156-8162
BIC-SWIFT: BSAB ESBB XXX (Foreign Countries)

Av. Diagonal, 662-664

0182-3247-21-0208012654 (Spain)
IBAN: ES82 0182 3247 21 0208012654
BIC-SWIFT: BBVA ESMM XXX (Foreign Countries)

Pº de Gracia, 5

0049-1806-92-2011999197 (Spain)
IBAN: ES74-0049-1806-92-2011999197
BIC-SWIFT: BSCH ESMM XXX (Foreign Countries)

Ciutat, 1

2100-3000-16-2201803891 (Spain)
IBAN: ES77-2100-3000-16-2201803891
BIC-SWIFT: CAIX ES BB XXX (Foreign Countries)

Please include your name and invoice number when giving instructions to the bank and inform ÁUREO & CALICÓ, S.A. of your payment in order to speed-up the delivery of your purchases.

€uro cash,  bank drafts and  personal cheques made payable to ÁUREO & CALICÓ are also  accepted.  For clients abroad payment by credit card is also available.

For foreign payments only bank transfer or credit card (VISA or Mastercard, +1,60%).

14. The  awarded  lots  can  be collected from our offices in Plaza del Ángel, 2, 08002 BARCELONA within 15 days after the auction.

15. ÁUREO & CALICÓ reserves the right of admission to the auction room. ÁUREO & CALICÓ has the right to refuse any bid or bids. The bidding shall be regulated at the absolute discretion of ÁUREO & CALICÓ.

16. PROPERTY.   Lots remain  the  property  of  the seller until full payment, including clearance of cheques and bills of exchange, has been received.

17. The mere participation in this Auction implies that the buyer acknowledges his acceptance of these Conditions and shall be bound by them.

18. Any legal proceedings concerning this Auction will be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of Barcelona (Spain).

19. Auction Sale conducted according to the IAPN rules.